Our publications cover a wide range of economic and financial market developments. We focus on topics about which we have something of value to say, not on chatter and speculation. At the same time, we don’t shy from making clear recommendations for action. Even, and especially, when forecasting future developments is very challenging.

W&P Monthly Perspectives

Oriented toward tactical investments, our Monthly Perspectives delivers unmissable insights, background, data and clearly formulated recommendations in a compact format. Monthly Perspectives supports you in your decision-making process. Thematic stories complete the spectrum of content, from analytics to interpretation. Contact us for a sample issue or a subscription.

W&P Critical Perspectives

Critical Perspectives – occasional reports on topics that we think are important. Sometimes one-sided, often narrowly focused, but always clear and candid. We take the time to explore one topic and produce innovative, original research to explain it. If you’re interested in our insights and ideas, you should look at an issue of Critical Perspectives. Please contact us for a sample issue or a subscription.