Our publications present our assessments of the economy and the financial markets in straightforward, understandable language. We focus on topics that we can make meaningful statements about. And we do not avoid making clear, actionable recommendations, especially when future developments are difficult to predict.

Fundamental Perspectives

Occasional reports on topics that we think are important. Sometimes one-sided, often narrowly focused, but always clear and candid. We take the time to explore one topic and produce innovative, original research to explain it. If you’re interested in our insights and ideas, you should look at an issue of Fundamental Perspectives.

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Monthly Perspectives

Oriented toward tactical investments, our Monthly Perspectives delivers unmissable insights, background, data and clearly formulated recommendations, all in a compact format. Monthly Perspectives supports you in your decision-making process. Thematic stories complete the spectrum of content, from analytics to interpretation.

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Current Perspectives

Occasional reports on specific topics that we think are important. Often a bit biased and narrowly focussed, but always clear and candid. We take the time to delve deeply into a subject to come up with truly independent insights. So, if you are interested in our latest analyses, you cannot ignore Current Perspectives.

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Ad Hoc alerts

When events significantly impact the economy, we will contact you proactively and give you our assessment of future developments. We focus on how you should react to the new circumstances. Short and sweet. True to our motto: “Truth is what works.”

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Book: “The case for a humbler economics”

On what the financial industry does and does not know.

Klaus W. Wellershoff launches an appeal for more modest forecasts about the state of the economy and financial markets. His realistic outlook on growth, inflation and developments in financial markets offers practical recommendations for taking economic decisions.

Although many economists claim the opposite, we actually know very little about the future. But the little that we do know, can be very powerful. Klaus W. Wellershoff cuts to the chase, and delivers practical instruments to assess the development of the economy and financial markets. In addition, he delivers a scientifically-grounded basis for managing wealth. He uses numerous examples to illustrate his arguments and offers an overview of the current state of the global economy and the financial market for private wealth management in Switzerland.

(Only available in German)

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