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Prof. Dr. Klaus W. Wellershoff

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and Partner
Klaus W. Wellershoff
“We know but little. Yet this small amount of knowledge is immensely powerful.”

Klaus W. Wellershoff is Chairman of the Board at Wellershoff & Partners. He was previously Chief Economist at the Swiss Bank Corporation and then at UBS. Klaus teaches economics at the University of St. Gallen and works pro bono with several foundations and organisations supporting science, culture and sports.

Ina Eckert

Personal Assistant to the Chairman
Ina Eckert
“My forecast: You will be best served and advised by us.”

Ina Eckert is Personal Assistant to the Chairman at Wellershoff & Partners, coordinating media inquiries and the appearances and speeches of Prof. Dr. Klaus Wellershoff. Ina previously has been working for several years as an assistant to the Board of Directors at Axpo Holding AG and in the administration of the University of St.Gallen. She has a degree in business administration (FH) and a bachelor's degree in law from FernUni Schweiz.

+41 44 256 80 40